Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Will "Pokémon X and Y Versions" have a digital theme?

We've seen five Pokemon from Gen VI from the first trailer: The Starters and the mascot Legends. The Starters look like pretty standard Pokémon designs, nothing too out of the ordinary from what has come before them. The Legends we have seen though are a distinct departure from the usual standards for Pokemon designs. They are very simplified (especially compared to the likes of Reshiram and Zekrom) and also very angular (Just look at the Stag-based Legend's feet). They're still based on animals, but look very otherworldly.

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I've pondered this throughout the day and I realized they feel very reminiscent of the art style of the "TRON" franchise, particularly "TRON: Legacy". TRON-esque lines have been used on Legends since Gen III, but they are more pronounced on these two. Also, they have simplistic colors schemes as well, the stag's rainbow antlers not withstanding. Most Legends have simplistic color schemes as well (Rayquaza is green and gold, Mewtwo is periwinkle and violet, etc.) but these two are mostly composed of solid colors.

To harken back to "TRON: Legacy", let's take a look at the character Quorra for comparison.

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Plus, it's always good to get an excuse to look at Olivia Wilde, right?

Quorra's costume design is composed of two colors: The black suit and cyan lines. The design of the suit is very angular, such as the skirt of her suit and even her hair style. The lines are likewise completely angular with no curvature. To continue this line of thought, here is the Recognizer vehicle that was featured in both "TRON" films:

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In the original "TRON", the vehicle was very angular because it was literally composed of blocks, but this design theme was kept when it reappeared in "Legacy", as did most of the vehicles in the movie (aside from the smooth and curvy Light Cycles).

So this brings me to the point of speculation: Will "Pokémon X and Y Versions" have a digital theme to them? I've already talked about the otherworldly designs of the Legends, but there is another thing that is fueling this thought: The game logos.

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Notice on both logos, the ン (n) character on the "Poketto Monsuta" logo, the rainbow-colored character. It resembles a double helix. Now, I'm aware that DNA doesn't always equal association with computers, but the two coinciding is a common theme. The first understanding of the structure of DNA came because of computers, and the association has taken root in popular culture as well. Just look at "Jurassic Park", fraught with images of gene sequencing on computer screens or to return to "TRON: Legacy", the concept of the digital ISO characters possessing triple-helix DNA. 

Perhaps these Legends will have a connection to computers or even a digital world will be explored. The Pokémon world already has a strong association with computers, such as the PC Storage System and the virtual Pokémon Porygon and its evolutions. There is definitely a precedent in this fictional universe, so it could be time to play up the high technology of Pokémon even more.

Take this bit of speculation for what you will, just some similarities I noticed about the new Legends.

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